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21/07/2022 Hand Wrapping vs. Wrapping Machines

Hand Wrapping vs. Wrapping Machines

If you have worked in a warehouse, you would know that there is nothing more important than efficiency. One major change warehouses have implemented, is moving from wrapping their pallets by hand to using automatic pallet wrapping machines.

If you are wrapping a multitude of products per day, you will need to do so quickly – therefore we recommend wrapping machines as a solution to increase productivity and lower labour costs.

At FROMM packaging we have discovered the five main benefits of using an industrial pallet wrapping machine rather than wrapping by hand, these include:

1. Safety

Warehouse injuries are on the rise in Australia, meaning it is time to start searching for safer options to protect your employees. The strenuous and repetitive movements of hand-wrapping can result in muscle stress. Investing in a stretch wrapping machine eliminates the need for hand wrapping and reduces the amount of potential WH&S claims you will receive. However, if your company still needs hand-wrapping options, at FROMM we have developed a new stretch film that requires minimal force to apply the product to the pallet.

2. Time Savings

Wrapping machines can drastically improve efficiency in a warehouse-type setting. In fact, they can cut packaging time in half, effectively doubling the amount of packaging a person could complete by hand. Our machines save companies money and time so they can invest their resources in other areas of the business.

3. Cost Savings

As mentioned, investing in a wrapping machine can actually result in major cost savings in labour however another benefit is the significant savings on film use due to the pre-stretch capability of every FROMM Wrapping Machine.

4. Load Containment

Wrapping machines are formatted to stretch the film correctly and consistently on every pallet. The control function on the machine allows you to select the right settings to guarantee that you’re load containment is right every time.

5. Less Waste

Typically, warehouse employees want to wrap their load as securely as possible, and when done by hand, they use an excessive amount of stretch film. This is wasteful and not environmentally friendly. Wrapping machines are beneficial as they can prevent excessive stretch film waste.

At FROMM Packaging, we have built the reputation as the trusted packaging supplier in Australia. If you are searching for the best wrapping machine solutions to optimise your processes, contact us today on 1300 799 391 and one of our friendly team members will help you.  




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