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04/05/2022 What are the most important features of packing wrap?

What are the most important features of packing wrap?

So, what are the most important features of packing wrap? At FROMM, we ensure that our packaging wraps include the most vital features to protect your load, including:


When searching for packing wrap, opt for pre-stretched films, these come in rolls of plastic film which have been pre-stretched with some remaining elasticity, allowing it to be stretched to its limit when applied by hand or by wrapping machines. This allows the stretch wrap to deliver tighter and better wrap performance. At FROMM, our packing wrap is capable of 200% stretch, providing you with great value for money, converting one metre to three metres on your pallet.

Film Memory

Pre-stretching packaging wrap gives the film a ‘memory’, which causes a continuous elastic effect as the film tried to return to its unstretched self. This ensures that the load integrity is maintained even as the load shifts during transit. At FROMM Packaging, our Star Stretch Packing Wrap Plus is designed using the latest resins to create an elastic memory around products to protect them whilst in storage and transport.

High Puncture Resistance

Another important feature of packing wraps is their puncture resistance. By opting for packaging wrap that has a high puncture resistance, you will be able to stretch your film further while still offering the finest protection for your pallets. This saves on losses and returns, which end up being valuable cost savings.


Choosing transparent packaging wrap allows you to easily identify your products and provides better inventory control. You are able to scan straight through the wrap when completing stock take and can clearly bundle like products together. However, if you do need to provide more security to your load, we offer black packing wrap also.

Load Stability

Search for wrap that provides a high load stability. Pre-stretched film has superior cling that allows the film to stick to itself, which avoids it from slowly unravelling. Using pre-stretched film, on irregular shaped loads provides stabilisation that holds everything together, so it can be shipped in one piece and arrive intact at its destination.

UV Resistant

UV resistant packing film protects your loads from any potential sun damage when stored outdoors. This gives you peace of mind that no matter what environmental elements your load comes in contact with, the integrity is maintained due to the high protection that the packing film offers.

Easy to Apply

Above all, it is important that you can apply your packaging wrap with ease. At FROMM our packaging wrap can be applied by both hand and machine, and we can help you choose the best film suited to your needs and capabilities.

We can help you choose which stretch wrap is best suited for your needs thanks to our expert team. We work with our clients to make sure that they can secure cargo items cost-effectively and safely. To learn more about our stretch film range click here or call 1300 799 391.


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