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13/04/2022 What is the most eco-friendly packaging?

What is the most eco-friendly packaging?

At FROMM, we are focused on developing sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Our mission is to reduce, reuse and recycle, and by doing this we limit the effects our products have on the environment.  

So, what is the most eco-friendly packaging?  

The answer is FROMM’s Star Stretch Wrap Eco-S. This eco stretch wrap is the latest technology in load containment which combines durability and sustainability. The Star Stretch Wrap delivers similar performance and load containment to stretch films normally purchased for the highest wrapping applications. Due to its environmentally friendly aspects, it also lowers the cost per pallet wrapped by more than 40% compared to traditional (non-ecofriendly) films on the same machines.  

The Features of Star Stretch Wrap Eco-S:  

  • High gloss lamination 
  • Instant stretch 
  • Transparent
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in black for load security 

The Benefits of Star Stretch Wrap Eco-S: 

  • Low cost per pallet 
  • Light weight yet durable
  • High puncture resistance 
  • Great load containment 
  • Environmentally friendly  

Why is eco-friendly packaging important?  

There are many benefits to eco-friendly packaging. The Sustainable Packaging Coalition explored why environmentally safe packaging is beneficial to our community as a whole, they state:  

  • It’s safe and healthy for people and communities throughout its life cycle 
  • It is made out of materials that are sustainable 
  • It is sourced, manufactured, transported, and recycled using renewable energy 
  • Sustainable packaging passes the market criteria for cost and performance 
  • Eco-packaging is physically designed to optimise materials and energy 
  • It optimises the use of recycled or renewable source materials 
  • Eco-packaging items are manufactured using clean production technologies and ethical practices 

At FROMM, our environmentally friendly machinery offers organisations the performance of a high stretch pallet wrap whilst minimising waste. Using the highest quality eco-friendly packaging is invaluable when compared to the cost of potential damage when transporting or storing goods.  

We take pride in offering our customers the best standard pallet wrapping range. We work to reduce our carbon foot throughout all our processes and create industry-leading products that focus on protecting our planet, as we aim to limit the effects our products have on the environment.  

We encourage our customers to put in place eco-friendly practices within their business and investing in environmentally friendly packaging is one small change that can make a great impact on our environment. At FROMM we will help you choose which stretch film best suits your needs thanks to our expert team. Contact us on 1300 799 391for more information. 




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