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Two Year FROMM Warranty

Two Year FROMM Warranty on all Stretch Wrapping Machines

At FROMM Packaging, we know that when you invest in a Pallet Wrapping Machine, you want the security of a solid warranty. That’s why we give you a free Two Year Warranty, effective from the date of delivery to your site.

Unless otherwise stated the warranty will cover the mechanical, structural and electrical components of the item purchased. The warranty does not include wearing parts.

In the event that your FROMM supplied equipment fails, simply ring or email us and we shall have someone available within 24 hours or in most cases sooner.

In some cases, FROMM offers an extended warranty of up to 5 years. Feel free to discuss this option at the time of purchase.

6 Month Scheduled Service

This service will help to ensure that your equipment runs at peak performance levels and takes no more than four hours to complete. The cost of this health check is $590* and includes a detailed report that lists all the technician’s findings and any adjustments that were made to the equipment.

*Conditions apply and smaller equipment may well cost less than this quoted value to service. Contact FROMM Packaging to ask us about the costs of servicing your valuable equipment.

The 6 month service health check includes the following:

  • The technician checks that all bolts, nuts and chains, etc., are worn correctly and calibrated properly.
  • The technician performs a visual check to confirm that all alignments, as well as throughput quality, are up to specs.
  • The technician performs a visual review of the equipment via the operating panel (HMI), ensuring that all parameter settings are correct and that the electronic operational data is interpreted and stored correctly.

It’s important to note that in order to maintain your 2-year warranty, your FROMM packaging equipment must be serviced every 6-months by a FROMM technician.


FROMM Machine Warranty FAQ

Below you will find the answer to a few frequently asked questions about our FROMM Two Year Warranty

How do I register my two year warranty? You don’t have to do anything to register your warranty, we do all of that for you. Just make sure that all your contact information is correct.

How long is the FROMM warranty? The warranty covers your equipment for two years from the date that it was delivered to your site.

What does the warranty include? The FROMM warranty covers all structural and non-wearing components. You can review a full list of the warranty terms on our Terms of Sale page.

What about warranties of other products purchased from FROMM? All of the equipment manufactured by FROMM has the same two year warranty. However, equipment from other manufacturers that is purchased through FROMM may have different warranty periods. In cases where a longer warranty is offered by these manufacturers, we may be able to offer you an extended warranty.

Do you always use new parts for repairs under the warranty? If you request a repair under the terms of your warranty, our technicians will only use new branded parts to complete the repairs.

Do repaired parts have their own warranty? Yes, but if they fail a second time during the warranty period, we need to find the cause of this repeated failure in order to re-warranty that part. Under these circumstances, we would send the failed part to the original manufacturer to determine the cause of the failure.

Does my equipment need to be serviced for the warranty? Yes, your FROMM equipment needs to be serviced every 6 months to maintain your warranty. Once this warranty has expired, it’s still sensible to continue with these services, so that you can maintain your equipment at its peak operating capacity.

How often does my equipment need to be serviced? A service every 6 months should keep most equipment working at peak performance. Harsh environments and high throughput can require more frequent servicing however, so it’s best to speak to a FROMM service representative about your specific needs.



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