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High Profile Stretch Wrapping Machine

Wulftec SMH150 Stretch Wrapping Machine

Strong & reliable wrapping machine with high profile wrapping base for the busy warehouses

Up to 200% pre-stretch film delivery system. Generating 3m of film from 1m of film input

Maximum pallet height of 2000mm

Maximum load weight of 1800kg

Capable of wrapping up to 160 pallets per day

With a 100% all steel construction, the high profile semi-automatic Wulftec SMH150 pallet wrapping machine is built to stand tough in harsh conditions. It is not only built tough, it works hard and with an adjustable 16rpm turntable speed, the SMH150 can wrap 20 pallets an hour or 160 pallets per day.

For supply chain operators who work in tough conditions and require a fast-paced, but extremely safe and efficient pallet wrap machine, the SMH150 ticks all the boxes.

Pallet Wrapping Machine that saves time and money

The SMH150 stretch film machine ramps up the odds with AC variable frequency drives and motors, chain drive turntable, fully adjustable wrapping patterns and film tension, and a 200% pre-stretch film carriage. All of this means that operators can quickly and easily fine-tune each wrapping procedure so that each pallet is wrapped perfectly, even if it’s an odd shape.

It also means significant cost savings on stretch film, because each 1m pallet wrap is stretched to 3m, reducing the costs of purchasing stretch wrap and saving on wastage. Compared to manual wrapping, the SMH150 stretch wrapping machine offers faster wrapping times, reduced costs and more efficient operation.

Summing up the Wulftec SMH150 Stretch Wrapping Machine

With an all steel construction, this wrapping machine is ideal for wet or corrosive environments and is the machine of choice when working in harsh conditions. When you want a pallet wrap machine that can take a beating, day after day, the SMH150 has the goods. It’s designed with easy access to all components and parts are easily available locally. You even have access to support provided by our on-site mobile service team. The Wulftec SMH150 takes stretch wrappers to the next level!

Two Year FROMM Warranty - Find out more! 

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  • Guaranteed 100% all steel construction
  • Easy access to all components
  • Local availability of parts
  • AC variable frequency drives and motors
  • Allen Bradley PLC and AC motors
  • No Thread® powered pre-stretch carriage
  • Turntable chain driven
  • 2-YEAR unlimited cycle warranty
  • Wraps 20 pallets per hour or 160 pallets per day
  • Automated pallet height detection sensor
  • 200% powered pre-stretch pallet wrap delivery system
  • Soft start and stop
  • Fully adjustable wrapping programs and tensions
  • Designed for tough conditions
  • Rent or purchase outright
Technical Specifications
  • Max. Load Weight : 1800 kg
  • Turntable Diameter : 1295 mm (octagon)
  • Max Wrapping Height : 2000mm
  • Max Turntable Speed : 16rpm
  • Profile : High
  • Pre-Stretch : 200%
  • Power : 240 volt
Machine Options
  • Extended Mast to 3200mm
  • Extended Base
  • Wash Down Motors for wet and corrosive environments
  • Weight Scales
  • Integrated Printer
  • 750mm wide film carriage
  • Rust protection coatings available

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