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Low profile Pallet Wrapping Machine

Wulftec SML150 Pallet Wrapping Machine

Strong & reliable low profile stretch wrapping machine

Up to 200% pre-stretch film delivery system. Generating 3m of film from 1m of film input

Maximum wrapping height is 2000mm

Maximum Pallet Weight of 1800kg

Capable of wrapping up to 160 pallets per day

If you want a low profile semi-automatic wrapping machine with a larger base than the SMH150, but all the same bells and whistles, then the SML150 ticks all the boxes. This is a robust and powerful pallet wrapping machine that is designed to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Constructed from 100% steel, the all-steel construction makes it ideal for working in wet and corrosive environments. This stretch wrapping machine is also capable of wrapping up to 20 pallets per hour or 160 pallets per day making it perfect for manufacturers and supply chain operators with a fast-paced schedule.

With easy access to all components, parts readily available locally and access to our onsite mobile service team, the Wulftec SML150 pallet wrap machine keeps working day after day.

Highly efficient Stretch Wrapping Machine which will lower your packaging costs 

Compared to hand wrapping, the SML150 offers supply chain operators an increased level of efficiency and significant savings on time and labour costs. The 200% powered pre-stretch pallet wrap delivery system optimises the use of your stretch wrap consumables by transforming each 1m length into 3m – maximising the use of the stretch film and reducing wastage.

Summing up the Wulftec SML150 Stretch Wrapping Machine 

The SML150 is a powerful and robust pallet wrapping machine that is designed to operate in some of the harshest environments in Australia. With a large turntable, low profile, automated wrapping patterns and a 200% pre-stretch pallet wrap delivery system, the SML150 provides everything you need to wrap pallets quickly and safely, whilst cutting costs and maximising efficiency.

Two Year FROMM Warranty - Find out more! 

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  • All steel construction
  • Easy access to components and parts available locally
  • On-site mobile support team
  • AC variable motors and drives
  • Allen Bradley PLC and AC motors
  • No Thread® powered pre-stretch carriage
  • Chain driven turntable
  • 200% powered pre-stretch pallet wrap delivery system
  • 2-YEAR unlimited cycle warranty
  • Wraps up to 20 pallets per hour and 160 pallets per day
  • Auto pallet height detector system
  • Soft start and stop system
  • Adjustable wrapping programs and film tension
  • Rent or purchase the stretch wrapping machine
Technical Specifications
  • Max Load Weight : 1800kg
  • Max Wrapping Height : 2000mm
  • Max Turntable Speed : 16RPM
  • Turntable Diametre : 1470mm (octogon)
  • Profile : Low
  • PreStretch : 0-200%
  • Power : 240 volt
  • Air Supply Needed : No
Machine Options
  • Extended Mast to 3200mm
  • Extended Base Available
  • Wash down motors for wet and corrosive environments
  • Rust protection coatings available
  • Weight Scales
  • Integrated Printer
  • 750mm wide film carriage

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