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Pallet Wrapping Machine with maximum film savings

FSW360 Pallet Wrapping Machine

Maximum film savings. Lowest capital costs

Up to 200% pre-stretch film delivery system. Generating 3m of film from 1m of film input

Maximum wrapping height of 2100mm

Maximum load weight of 2000 kg

Wrap Up to 70 Pallets per day

Need a mid-range pallet wrapping machine that’s affordable, maximises load containment and comes with options? The FSW360 offers you all this and much more. This pallet wrapper can wrap up to 70 pallets per day, requires minimal experience to operate and offers a perfect balance between simplicity and efficiency, durability and flexibility. FSW360 Wrapping Machine features an integrated film cutter. At the end of the cycle, the film is cut automatically and the forklift driver can remove the pallet without needing to get off the forklift, increasing staff efficiency. 

Save on stretch film and labour costs 

One of the biggest features of the FSW360 pallet wrapping machine is that it offers 200% pre-stretch film delivery. This means that it generates 3 metres of stretch wrap from 1 metre. Cutting your stretch wrap usage by a third whilst maintaining a high level of load containment. When employees don’t need to spend time hand wrapping pallets, operations can be maximised and costs lowered. With the FSW360, one employee can wrap up to 70 pallets per day, and with a user-friendly control panel, it’s very simple to operate, requiring minimal on the job training.

Pallet Wrapping Options Available 

As a mid-range wrapping machine, the FSW360 comes with a selection of options that optimise your warehouse operations. These include scales, photocell to identify dark surfaced products, access ramps, and submerged floor mounting frames.

Two Year FROMM Warranty - Find out more! 

View our entire FSW360 Pallet Wrapping Video Library 

  • User friendly control panel
  • Single motor 200% stretch film head
  • Programmable wrapping patterns
  • Automatic pallet height sensor
  • Film tension adjuster
  • Plug in Options available
  • Minimal training required
  • Up to 70 pallets per day
  • Integrated film cutter - no need to get off the fork lift
  • Triples the capacity of stretch film
  • Secure and safe wrapping
  • Supported by our on-site mobile service team
  • Saves manual wrapping labour costs
  • Maximises pallet wrapping
  • Optimises supply chain operations
  • Rent or purchase
Technical Specifications
  • Profile : Low
  • Pre-Stretch : 0-200%
  • Power : 240V
  • Max Pallet Weight : 2000kg
  • Max Pallet Height : 2100mm
  • Max Speed : 12RPM
  • Turntable Diametre : 1650mm
  • Integrated Film Cutter : At the end of the cycle the film is cut automatically
Machine Options
  • Scale Unit
  • Weight Indicator with ABS Case
  • Stainless Steel Column for weight indicator
  • Printer for Labels
  • Extended Mast up to 2500mm

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