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Brand new - FSW380 Pallet Wrapping Machine

FSW380 Pallet Wrapping Machine

The maximum loading weight is 2000kg.

Maximum wrapping height is 2200mm

You can wrap up to 160 pallets per day

Up to 200% pre stretch

Introducing the new FSW380 Wrapping Machine. Arriving mid 2022, it offers a customized solution for almost all your wrapping needs. Focused on easy operation it makes it the ideal solution for sites with a variety of operators and products.

The Wrapping Machine features a remote control start, film blower and heat sealer for no tails and dags which will revolutionise the Australian Packaging Industry. Easy to use with just a one-touch operation, you can be up and running in no time at all. 

At Fromm Packaging, we understand the importance of dispatching pallets with no dags to ensure they are not rejected at large retail distribution warehouses.  The FSW380 Wrapping Machine is designed with a film blower and heat sealer ensuring the excess film is stuck to the pallet. This is a game-changer in the Australian packaging industry. 

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FSW380 Wrapping Machine Overview Video 


Two Year FROMM Warranty - Find out more! 

  • Remote control operation
  • Film blower and heat sealer for no dags and tags
  • Automatic pallet height sensor
  • Fully programable wrapping patterns
  • 200% powered pre stretch film delivery system
  • cost-effective remote control wrapping machine on the market
  • Supported by our on-site mobile service team
  • Simple and easy to use
  • No prior experience needed
  • Labour saving alternative to hand wrapping
  • Simple plug & play operation
  • Optimises supply chain operations
  • Rent or purchase
Technical Specifications
  • Max Load Weight : 2000kg
  • Max Wrapping Height : 2200mm
  • Max Turntable Speed : 12rpm
  • Turntable Diameter : 1800mm
  • Profile : Low
  • Pre Stretch : 0-200%
  • Power : 240 volt

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