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Successful Installs

Wrapping Machine with inbuilt weight scales for milk powder exporter

Our client operates from three warehouses located in Sydney and Melbourne and they export milk powder to China.

SMLPA200 Wrapping Solution for an Australian Meat Distributor

Our client always hand wrapped their pallets. With a monthly plastics bill above $47,000 (which includes hand wrap, tray liners and bags) they wanted to reduce their plastic footprint and save money.

FSW10 Wrapping Machine Install for Kubota Australia

Kubota has recently opened a new spare parts warehouse and was seeking a pallet wrapper capable of wrapping 10 to 15 pallets per day.

FSW50 Wrapping Solution for Industrial Filtration Manufacturer

FROMM Packaging installed two FSW50 Pallet Wrapping Machines. The stand alone systems when placed back to back allowed easy interaction with warehouse staff and could easily accommodate the 160 pallet per day output requirement.

Wulftec Stretch Wrapping Solution for a Plywood Manufacturer

FROMM designed the Wulftec SMH-HVY Wrapping Machine and it featured a long rectangular turntable to accommodate the oversized plywood loads in two lengths either 2.4 or 3m. Wrapping the pallets with the FROMM SMH-HVY Wrapping Machine gave the customer confidence that the products would appear consistent and withstand rigorous shipping conditions.

Wrapping Machine with inbuilt scales designed to increase throughput rates

FROMM Packaging has partnered with an Electrical Components Provider in Queensland who ship electrical products across Australia. The speed in which the product is wrapped, weighed and sent is imperative to the companies increased production throughput.