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FSW10 Wrapping Machine Install for Kubota Australia

FSW10 Wrapping Machine Install for Kubota Australia

Kubota is Australia's leading supplier of agriculture, construction and power equipment.

Kubota has recently opened a new spare parts warehouse and was seeking a pallet wrapper capable of wrapping 10 to 15 pallets per day.

After a full review of their current hand wrapping and dispatch methods, FROMM recommended the FSW10 Pallet Wrapping Machine. FSW10 Stretch Wrapper is a simple pallet wrap machine that's user-friendly, cost-effective and plug & play. Perfect for wrapping up to 20 pallets per day with a 1200kg load capacity.

The FSW10 Pallet Wrapper offers an easy way to securely wrap pallets with stretch film and save on time, film and labour costs. With a simple one touch operation, employees don't need intensive training, because the FSW10 has been designed to be used by people with no prior experience.

FROMM will service the machine on a six monthly basis to ensure wrapping efficiency.

FROMM is now a partner, not just a supplier.

Video of the FSW10 Wrapping Machine installation


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