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FSW360 Pallet Wrapping Solution for Seat Manufacturer

FSW360 Stretch Wrapping Solution 

An Australian truck seat and office chair manufacturer located in Brisbane were looking for a wrapping solution to speed up their dispatch areas. Due to the varying sizes of their products, they wanted a wrapping solution that could accommodate their needs of different sized loads, weights and wrapping functions.

After a full review of their current wrapping and dispatch methods, FROMM recommended the FSW360 Pallet Wrapping Machine. This pallet wrapper can wrap up to 70 pallets per day, requires minimal experience to operate and offers a perfect balance between simplicity and efficiency, durability and flexibility.

One of the biggest features of the FSW360 pallet wrapping machine is that it offers 200% pre-stretch film delivery. This means that it generates 3 metres of stretch wrap from 1 metre. Cutting their stretch wrap usage by a third whilst maintaining a high level of load containment

With a simple one-touch operation, employees don't need intensive training, because the FSW360 has been designed to be used by people with no prior experience.

The FSW360 Pallet Wrapping Machine provided our client with the perfect balance between simplicity and efficiency, durability and flexibility. They have seen an increase in production throughput and they are enjoying the financial benefits of the 200% stretch film delivery system.

FROMM will service the machine on a six-monthly basis to ensure wrapping efficiency.

FROMM is now a partner, not just a supplier.





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