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Wrapping Machine with inbuilt scales designed to increase product throughput

Wrapping Solution for an electrical components company

FROMM Packaging has partnered with an Electrical Components Provider in Queensland who ship electrical products across Australia. The speed in which the product is wrapped, weighed and sent is imperative to the companies increased production throughput.   

After a full review of their wrapping and dispatch methods, FROMM recommended and installed the 108W Pallet Wrapping Machine with inbuilt scales.

The Wrapping Machine allows you to wrap and weigh your goods in one process. Resulting in faster product throughput and distribution. The other main benefit of weighing every pallet, ensures that that they can load the truck efficiently by distributing the weight evenly and mitigate any potential risk due to the load shifting during transport.  

Combined with the FROMM Stretch Wrap, The EXP108 Stretch Wrapper can create 200% power pre-stretch film capability. 1m of film = 3m after stretch. Providing significant stretch film savings.

Other features included automatic pallet height detection sensor, Soft start and stop, Two Year Warranty and top and bottom wraps selector.

With a simple one touch operation, employees don't need intensive training, because the stretch wrapping machine has been designed to be used by people with no prior experience.

Overall the new FROMM Wrapping Machine and FROMM Stretch Film has increased production throughput, provided cost savings of up to 40% for every pallet wrapped and reduced the amount of product damage in transit.

FROMM will service the machine on a six monthly basis to ensure wrapping efficiency.

FROMM is now a partner, not just a supplier.

EXP108 Wrapping Machine with inbuilt scales

Wrapping Machine with inbuilt scales

Wrapping Machine Scales

Scale reading from the Wrapping Machine


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