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Remote controlled Stretch Wrapping Machine

FSW50 Stretch Wrapping Machine

FSW50 Remote controlled Stretch Wrapping Machine with up to 200% pre stretch

Up to 200% pre-stretch film delivery system. Generating 3m of film from 1m of film input

Maximum wrapping height is 2000mm

Maximum load weight is 2000kg

FSW50 can wrap up to 160 pallets per day.

The FSW50 pallet wrapping machine is ideal for fast-paced supply chain operators who need to wrap up to 20 pallets an hour or 160 per day. It comes with a suite of functions and two value for money options that optimise its functionality and significantly reduce operating costs.

One of its biggest features is a remote operation, allowing workers to operate the stretch wrapping machine whilst still sitting in the forklift. This streamlines warehouse processes and optimises operational resources allowing the operator to move, set and replace pallets quickly and efficiently.

A second cost-saving feature is that the FSW50 has a 200% stretch film facility that stretches 1m of pallet wrap to 3m, cutting down on pallet wrap costs and reducing wastage. A suite of automated wrapping patterns allows a variety of different shape pallet loads to be wrapped, increasing the versatility of the pallet wrapping machine.

The FSW50 is a highly efficient and flexible stretch film machine that also offers automatic pallet height and weight detection, as well as adjustable film tensioning. All of these features reduce the time needed to wrap pallets and increases the flexibility of the operations.

The Fromm FSW50 is one of the leading stretch wrappers on the market. It comes with a range of features and options that allow it to wrap up to 160 pallets a day, making it ideal or fast-paced manufacturers and supply chain operators. Maximum efficiency is achieved with remote control operation, adjustable film tensioning and fully programmable wrapping patterns.

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  • Supported by our on-site mobile service team
  • Automatic pallet height detection sensors
  • Soft start and stop for lighter loaded pallets
  • Automated and programmable wrapping patterns
  • 200% pre-stretch film delivery
  • Adjustable film tension facility
  • Stretch film tail blower
  • Pneumatic stretch wrap roping system
  • Remote control operation saves time and money
  • Maximum 160 pallets per day or 20 per hour
  • Pre-stretch facility saves money on pallet wrap
  • Minimal training required
  • Rent or purchase
  • Easy to use
Technical Specifications
  • Max Load Weight : 2000kg
  • Max Wrapping Height : 2000mm
  • Max Turntable Speed : 12rpm
  • Turntable Diameter : 1800mm
  • Profile : Low
  • Pre-Stretch : 200%
  • Power : 240 volt
Machine Options
  • Extended Mast to 2500mm
  • Pneumatic Roping Available
  • Remote control operation
  • Ramps
  • Weight Scales

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